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A future

May 23, 2007

There was a time in my past when I had no future–or maybe there was one, but I wasn’t aware of it. I was so stupid my 9th grade year of high school; I cut class way more than I should have. And I betrayed my father and I betrayed myself. I failed that year because I had no ambition and no goals. I wasn’t too sure exactly what I wanted to do with myself (other than do nothing).

I went to truancy court for missing so many days and they pretty much told me that I either go to class or my parents go to jail (nice, ‘eh?). And I had to strictly sign in to class. Well, after about 4 months of that I got sick of it. Finally the next year came and I had to repeat the 9th grade, but it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me.

The next year I was given a shop class that was kind of fun. And since I had really improved myself so I was recommended for our graphic communication class. It was a trivial act at the time, but it was a great moment and the beginning of what I’m doing now. I look back at it and the trivial event of being introduced to this teacher that seemed kind of…out there at first was who helped shape my future . I’m planning to become a publication designer and I don’t know if I’ll succeed, or even if I’m all that good. I’m getting there. This one event led me to where I am today and I’m thankful for everything that has happened since.

I had a moment like this the last day of classes this semester as I was leaving the campus I had a feeling of euphoria and for once I felt truly content with myself and who I am. I’ve never really felt that way until that day. Maybe it was the last day of class being so surreal to me. Or maybe it was the fact that I felt different. I felt like things were truly changing for me and for the better.

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