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Blessed are those that know when to STFU..

May 23, 2007

If you go to a mall these days chances are you’ll see some self-important douchie with a Blu-tooth headset. wouldn’t notice that first: the first thing you’d notice is someone that resembles those crazy types you see portrayed in NYC. You know the type that talks to themselves? Yeah, that’s what you’d see first. Then you’d see the ear-piece and realize what the hell’s going on.

Now, is this really a necessary piece of technology? I don’t think it is. And I don’t think it is because I really don’t need to hear half of your conversation. I also don’t think this is necessary because it’s a bit pretentious to think that you’re that important to society. Hey, do you really think that the world will need you to save it so you need to be right there when they call?

Here’s my proposal: You lay down the needless accessory and I won’t mock you in public. Not that you care. You’re too busy on the damn phone to really care about much of anything. Which is probably good because people like you eventually walk out into the path of an oncoming bus. And that’s just natural selection right there. That or your own stupidity. Probably both.

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