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Maybe the wall falling is what we need

May 28, 2007

I’ve been thinking a bit lately and it didn’t quite hit me until tonight, but maybe the wall separating church and state needs to come down. Now, that may sound like a very wrong-headed thing to say. But listen, the UK has an established church that had a very bloody history, but now the church holds so little sway over their society. I think…the church would need to govern before people see it for what it is: an outdated fossil. I’m fairly liberal in my ideals and I would suffer under such a society, but as it stands the religious fundamentalist Christians are infesting every level of government.

Their attempt is to create a society that believes in Christ and generally everything in opposition to the ideals of American society. While in the present it would be a travesty of epic proportions it would undoubtedly lead to a backlash which is sorely needed to stop these people. This all sounds like a horrific idea to postulate, but it might be what’s really needed in order to preserve American values. We’ve become too complacent as a society and too tolerant of the intolerant. And now that’s starting to cost us what we cherish most: our societal values.

Do we value our right to be free or will we allow intolerance to rule our society? I think that right now we’re on the end of a blade and it could go either way. But we’re becoming dangerously close to something that will cost us in lives. And I’m not referring to the phony ‘war on terrorism’.

I’m proposing this idea as an academic exercise (mostly with myself) on the thought that the separation of church and state needs to end before these fascists are stopped. Maybe I’m wrong and this whole thought is as well. I don’t really believe this, not completely. But the thought is there.

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