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I don’t care about dead pregnant women; you’re just distracting us

June 23, 2007

Why is this news? Yeah, this story is sad and I’m sorry for the loss of life and the family involved, but this isn’t news. News is stuff that will affect your life. How will this impact your life? Here’s the answer: it won’t. I can tell you how this whole story goes:

1st: The boyfriend gets arrested after the body’s been found (already happened so onto the second scene)
2nd: The boyfriend will proclaim innocence while in jail. He’ll have an excuse for where he was at the time of her disappearance.
3rd: The family will boo-hoo for the camera and claim that the boyfriend is innocent until proven guilty even though they believe none of that.
4th: He’ll be found guilty and given a death sentence.
5th: We’ll see candle light vigils (if they haven’t cropped up already).
6th: The media will drop this story like a rock once it’s all over.

And then you get to wait a while for another pretty white lady to disappear and another drama begins anew. It’s all to distract the American public from things that should matter in their lives whether it’s Alberto Gonzales being a lying douche, or GWB being caught in another scandal. Those things matter; you should care whether your politicians are inching us closer to a police state. You should care whether the war is going badly. On a grand scale (and I don’t mean to sound cold) the pregnant lady’s death is insignificant. Pregnant women are murdered all the time and while that is a sad fact; it is the state of the world that we live in.

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  1. June 23, 2007 8:47 pm

    hell of a way out of paying child support…try that on for cynicism

  2. June 23, 2007 8:51 pm

    It’s always the boyfriend or the husband. Wasting days on this while our soldiers are dying is disgusting, I agree!

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