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In Darkness There Can Be Light

July 8, 2007

Today was my birthday and the two days before now have been utter hell for me and my family. My father’s been having unexplained chest pains, my grandfather died, and I’ve got pneumonia. But today was actually pretty good. My father’s chest isn’t bothering him and my pneumonia is going away. I celebrated with my family and my friend Keri as we all went out to dinner. I had a good time except for the fact that this antibiotic is making my stomach feel bloated.

This one day was a good end to a terrible weekend and it showed me that there can be some normality returning back to my life for the moment. I’m still worried about my father and I’m worried about what all is going to happen the rest of this month. But for this one moment it felt great. I’m thankful for all of my family and friends for helping me keep my sanity.

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