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“Arrrrgghhh…” He says in a comic book way

August 10, 2007

In one of life’s other cruelties the girl I finally realize I’m attracted to I can’t be with. At least not right now. See, we’ve been friends all these years and I’ve hung out with her for a week while I was in Canada. If you haven’t guessed my predicament yet…well, there is no hope. Any way, I really liked her then and she had a ‘boyfriend’ at the time. I say ‘boyfriend’ because he hated that term. Come to think of it…he was really fricking odd. Funny, but odd with every thing. At any rate, I came to the conclusion that were I able to I would be with her at this moment over anyone else I’ve thought about recently.

And I can’t really do anything about these…feelings at the moment and it’s torture. I dunno, it may sound petty or even foolish to feel this way for someone who lives that far away. But stranger things have happened. Like Kenny G actually having fans. Hopefully, eventually I’ll be able to sort this out and find a way to relocate to be closer to her. In the meantime…this just sucks.

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