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On Video Games And Sports

July 7, 2010

As I listen to my brother yell at a game of Shadowrun (the multiplayer poop version) I can’t help be reminded of why I never bothered to play sports when I was younger (also not that I’m that old). It’s this whole mentality of, “I’m the best player so haul your ass and play better!” My brother apparently thinks that he is the only player that ‘gets’ the game and maybe he does. I don’t know. My only gripe is when he yells at other players to do better or why they’re so stupid. He also uses some choice phrases to describe these players and their lack of skill.

The same attitude (that I’ve seen) has been displayed among sports teams and their fans and it really irks me. Okay, so the guy may not be as great as you Mr. I’m-So-Hardcore-I-Piss-Nails. But is that any reason to yell at the guy and make him feel like shit? I don’t think so. Not only does it not help, but you run the risk of giving yourself some coronary diseases as well. Now, multiplayer gaming in many ways is very different, but the same. You’re still on a team and you still have assholes yelling at you and telling you how much you suck. And it doesn’t help then either. But these hardcore jockeys seem to think it does. Or maybe it’s a release valve for them. I don’t care. Either way it’s annoying.

It’s also a major reason why I refuse to play any multiplayer video games unless with people I know and people I know who won’t yell till their throats hurt. I just can’t care that much about a piece of electronic graphical data to yell. Maybe I’m a bad gamer. I don’t care as gamers are morons anyway and I say this while calling myself one. I do think it’s possible to hate the ‘group’ that you fall in with and still be considered one, though. I hate many a Star Wars fan, too. Especially the ones who think that it’s a Pro-‘Murc’uh flick. Or that it’s pro-Christianity or whatever the fuck. You read into it what you will, that’s not what it really is though.

Where was I? Oh yes, this incessant need to vilify people for playing badly or just not as well as you. I’ve never felt such a need to do that and so I don’t. I continue to play my single player games and keep to myself. Fuck you multiplayer gamers and your ultra-competitive ‘spirit’ which does nothing and adds nothing to you as a person. You’re not a ‘good’ gamer for going into a multiplayer game and yelling at people or calling them names; you are less than everyone else who doesn’t do that shit. And it irks me that games these days seem to cater to that mentality. And fuck athletes as well and their fans who act that way as well. You’re why people hate sports. You’re also blocking my view when you stand up to yell so sit the fuck down.

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