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When You Wish Upon A Corpse

July 10, 2010

When I was a kid I used to wish upon stars, no, I’ll cop to that. I did, I thought they were magical and whatnot and thought that they could protect me from the bad things in my world. Which really only amounted to skinned knees and people disliking me. I never admitted it to anyone, but I did. Anyway, as I got older and learned about space objects and what we see in our sky I looked at the sky as less of a majestic thing and more something that could be feared and is endless.

The stars we see are likely dead now and we’re just seeing residual light given off by them that’s been traveling for millions or billions of years. So, I was wishing upon a dead thing that gave off some light. Interesting–wishing upon a ‘corpse’. That’s always fun. But I guess stars can be equated to how we live our lives: We’re here for a while, give off some light, and then either explode and take people with us or just quietly disappear. Although the explosive sorts tend to leave a mark so maybe that’s how everyone should be?

Either way, wishing upon dead things is kind of a useless exercise, but at the time we’re just kids and we don’t know. If I were more of a, “Kids are innocent creatures and should be protected,” type I could dovetail this into a reason why a child’s innocence should be preserved. But I don’t. Sure, protect them from stuff that can ruin them, but eventually the majesty of the world will fade away and you’re left with knowledge that things are not as magical as they used to be.

I’m not sure what I’m getting at with this post, either. I mean, I thought about it and whatnot, but the purpose is beyond me. Maybe I miss naivety like that. Or that maybe some things should be left to the imagination. I dunno, either way it fucking sucks to get older and learn more about your world as it chips away at the creativeness of people. True, being an ignorant fuck is a bit of a drag as well. I’m not saying that it isn’t. Just that the little crevices of our minds are being tainted by harsh reality and leaving us without dreams or hopes or imagination.

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