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On Fox News And Mudbutt

July 11, 2010

I used to watch Foxnews fairly regularly. Really, after 9/11 I was totally a Foxnews whore and would watch it a lot. The whole spectacle after the World Trade Centers crashing down was like a damn popcorn movie. I even enjoyed the musical rantings of Bill O’Reilly before he went totally batshit. I never really bought into the views they were promoting, but they were an entertaining news organization for a while.

Then around 2003 when the invasion of Iraq occurred I stopped watching–mainly due to that fucking countdown to war. That was probably the most surreal event in the history of news. They actually had a countdown…for a war. Think about that for a second: You’re gearing up for a war, you give the rival douche bag an ultimatum to leave. If not there’s going to be a war. Have you ever seen anything more fucked up?

Imagine if our news had done that in WWII or the Korean war or in Vietnam. I’m sure there would be more hemming and hawing than was witnessed in the aftermath of that news day. Sure, the anti-war protesters were out in force, but the majority of this country plunged headlong into the shits. And…sadly I believed that evidence they put up. Hey, I didn’t want us to invade Iraq. But I did buy the evidence they put up. So, I guess I’m as guilty as the rest of the schrubs. At least a little bit.

After that I quit watching Foxnews and I quit watching any sort of news except for the occasional local update. It disgusted me and since then I’ve been pretty anti-Foxnews as I think they’re a threat to actual news and information. Oh yes, I use the ‘liberal’ slogans of ‘faux news’ and the like. It’s fun, but it’s more true than a lot of people realize. But then I also feel the same way about MSNBC and CNN. They don’t report on news or anything that matters until you can’t ignore it. The Anna Nicole Smith coverage comes to mind when I think of the kind of ‘news’ that these places like to cover.

So, now you know my dirty little secret. I will credit Fox with this, though: It certainly pushed me to be more politically informed.

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  1. July 11, 2010 4:55 pm

    All television news is like that. They only report on what they what they want you to hear. Before I say anything about anything I always research both sides to the best of my ability. You have to nowadays, because if you don’t and you’re talking to anyone about it, you look like an idiot. Our generation has to be smart about these things.

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