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Haters Gonna Hate

July 12, 2010

I unveiled my intense dislike for Lost today and I really regret doing it. Not because I’ve had a change of heart, but because people cannot fucking deal with someone else not liking what they think is great. Hey, if you think Lost is the greatest thing ever good for you. Me, it’s not my cup of tea. Not because it’s ‘too confusing’ or I ‘didn’t get it’. No, I just think it’s a poorly executed series that deserves only a small amount of praise at the most.

I think it’s because the story dragged on for three seasons too long. It easily could have been wrapped up in three seasons at the most. Maybe 4. It wasn’t that in-depth with the story and seemingly kept changing what it wanted to be and what it wanted to do. Said friend says this was ‘bold’. Me, I think it was just the creators making shit up as they went along. Yeah, a lot of series do that and especially episodic ones. But it doesn’t make the series ‘great’.

Anyway, the rant is more about this current attitude where upon if you do not like a particularly popular movie or tv show then you’re ‘just doing it to be contrary’ and not that you actually hold such an opinion. What a concept: Not everybody likes the same thing you do. Amazing. Call the papers, shit, the sky is fucking falling, man. I dunno, it’s just annoying how critical people can be of others who do not like the stuff they do. I get it: You hate diversity of opinion. That doesn’t mean you’re right or correct in your view anymore than I am, yet they feel the need to put you down for putting an opinion out there.

So, in short: Don’t be a dick.

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