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Cliques And Whistles

November 10, 2010

This could be just me, but I do not understand cliques one little bit. Even in high school I never understood the concept and I like to think I’m a social being. Well, not really social. Or even a being (in most cases) but I did watch the people in my high school like a soap opera. Recently I had the honor of joining and subsequently leaving an online clique before I was kicked out. That was a blast. Still don’t get the appeal. It’s like it exists to hate on everybody not them and maybe have a laugh or two then about 20 hours of dull conversation.

To be fair, I did enjoy it at first and then it became to feel like a job and then it became to feel like a place to politic. I guess if that’s your thing then have at it. It just was never mine. I mean, I like discussing politics and religion and all things in-between, but I don’t like politiking against other people. If I liked someone the group hated I had to worry about that and if someone got on the chopping block I better not like them, etc. etc. So, what did I learn?

Well, for one thing it’s better to just have friends, acquaintances, and…and…hobbies. Also that some people deep down are horrible no matter how attractive they may be. So, this whole experience lasted for less than a year and I ended up not even caring by the end. It just seemed really stupid and pointless and I’m glad I’m gone. I’m also glad for some of the people I could remain friends with outside of the clique. All in all some good and some bad and some people really need a spike to their head.

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