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Let’s Write Something Totally Mundane And Call It ‘Cool’

December 16, 2010

I’m not a fan of washing dishes–the activity has just never appealed to me. You’re standing like a jackass with a sink full of water (or not) and you’re getting the scum off of dishes. The end. No one thanks you, you get no praise for this mundane activity, you just clean. And then get to clean again. Or you can hand it off to someone else and they can clean. It’s all a big joke, but heeey…cleanliness is nice.

It’s probably the biggest activity you could do for the household (we all need plates and glasses) and nobody notices. I’m not mentioning the fact that no one notices in hopes of getting some faux-priase. No..not at all. Just that it’s a background activity that goes unnoticed unless you’re the one doing the cleaning.

Should you happen to be unlucky enough to not clean your dishes woe be upon you because people will notice. The flies will notice. Your dog will notice. Someone in the next county will notice that you did not clean your shit. Not only did you not clean it, but you let it pile up and wait for someone else to clean it.

Since then I’ve taken up my mother’s view: Do not let dishes pile up and clean them as you go. It makes for a nicer scene and it saves time and hassle in not having one big pile to clean. Environmentally it’s probably not that sound. Or maybe it is. I  can’t be bothered on that bit, but it has kept cleaning from being a hassle and still nobody cares, but if you’re responsible enough for your mess then that point doesn’t really matter.

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