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I’m A Bad Wed Logger

February 1, 2011

Oh, I am. I’m rubbish. I can’t keep consistently posting for the life of me. I could do it for maybe a week or so, but longer than that and I get fatigued. I think it’s the idea that I have to constantly have a streaming line of thoughts for entries and honestly…as much as I think…half the shit would be gibberish or in-jokes only known between me and my friends. Which isn’t fair to you, my adoring non-readers, who I love so much.

So…what’s going on in my life? Oh…I might be getting an iPhone because I’m a sucker. Also, my brother’s back with his girlfriend (maybe) for the 4 billionth time which irritates me to no end. Mainly because of all of the drama associated with him and the psycho. Then he gets all mopey about it. And I get to hear about it and how bad she is for him. Then a week later I get to repeat the process all over when any sane man might’ve killed them both by now. Fortunately I am insane and put up with shit like this.

Hmm…oh, winter sucks. But you already knew that, right? Unless you’re a ‘ski bum’. A term which I’ve always hated, because skiing seems like the thing you would do if you’re rich. Mainly because you could actually afford the goofy-ass equipment that it took to become a ‘ski bum’. So really you’re just an asshole with deep pockets. Oh, sure, you could rent some, maybe, but it’d never be good enough.

I also have a stiff neck from probably looking at the computer more than is humanly acceptable. Unless you’re Korean and an MMO freak. Those guys have me beat on ‘doing as little as possible physically’. Anyway, I want spring to get here. PA winters are some shit. Granted it’s nothing like New Yawk or Connect-i-cut, or Vermont (yeah, no strange accents or names from them). But it still sucks the peen of a mighty monkey. And while I’ll never claim I have SAD–I do have SAD-ish bits with anxiety and cabin fever and such. Soo…on with the warmer weather. My balls could use the relief. Anyway…that’s it for this entry. I hope you’ve enjoyed not reading it as much as I have typing it.

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