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A Pox On Your Twitter Account!

April 18, 2011

I used to be very anti-Twitter and with good reason: it seemed like the stupidest idea ever. Well, besides toast fucking. Anyway, the idea is essentially writing down your thoughts in a 140 character nicely condensed fashion. Aaaand…I don’t work that way. Well, I do, but I don’t. My thoughts are usually books that take up vast areas of my mind and have fuck all to do with much of anything. Granted most of my thoughts fade as soon as I’m done thinking about them. That’s why I don’t do much updating here and when I do it’s in bursts.

So, why am I suddenly not hating on Twitter anymore? Mainly because I’ve vowed to give up being a snob. And I can see that it does have some value. After all, someone says something to you and you want to be nice, but what you’re really thinking is below the surface. You need a place to release that or you’ll beat your wife or kick a dog or something and that shit’s just money and time out of your pocket. It also takes a bit of creativity to post there as well. You can’t very well say, “Off to a bell tower to shoot up some people because my mother told me that my penis is the devil’s work and my girlfriend laughed at my efforts to woo her and my father beat the shit out of me.” That’s why you post, “Off 2 tower 2 shoot ppl, life 2 hard. Kthnxbai.” See? Wasn’t that much easier? Of course it was.

And the whole snobby thing…’ehh…I hate snobs and snobby behavior while at the same time exhibiting some of it myself. Yesterday I was texting a friend and made a reference they didn’t get and I just felt like facepalming. Really. It was that bad. I don’t do that normally, but this time it sort of rubbed me the wrong way in a, “How can you not get this? You are a geek. You should know this,” sort of way. Again, I don’t normally get that way, but this had been happening a lot with this one person. So I’m trying to get rid of it. Poof. Out with the wind.

I guess you could sort of see this as ‘selling-out’ on a principle, but I’ve ceased to be 15 and seeing any deviation in former opinion as a sell-out. If I ever become a Republican scumbag then I’m selling-out. “But it was so fun becoming rich and selling out my fellow man and so inexpensive, too!”

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  1. Lioness permalink
    April 18, 2011 10:58 am


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