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Pot And/Or Weed Users And Distributors

January 25, 2012

I’ve smoked marijuana a few times and it’s never done anything for me and I found it rather stupid, however, I believe it should very much be legal. My main problem with potheads and the distributors is there’s this utopian view among some of them that if we only legalised weed that all would be right in the world–there’d be no more wars, our economy would be flushed with cash, and all non-violent offenders could be freed. Or at least that’s the thought anyway. Now, while it’s okay to hold these views it’s a bit silly. Our jails would magically be empty and all crime would vanish? Really?

I find it hard to believe that someone would honestly believe this…that is until I was on facebook. See, I like facebook because you can say whatever you want and people can either like it or not. My ex-friend posted a bragging link that, “Ooohhh Denver has very little crime whereas Detroit and Baltimore have high crime. Now remember, we allow marijuna distribution in Colorado.” It just seemed very silly and sad and I point this out that the problem is very nuanced and she replied with, “I was only stating what people reading this would conclude.” Oh, and then she deleted me. So! I can only conclude she was embarrassed.

Tangent aside, I can’t believe people would think our problems all come down to marijuana–that it’s some sort of magic plant that will make things okay. I also see the pothead contingent of this view with comedian Bill Maher. He thinks just like this as well and I can’t help but react the same way I would with a drunk uncle or [insert relative of choice here] and their nutty theories about how 9/11 was a conspiracy and that JFK was assassinated by the mafia; which is to say I simply shake my head and get on with my day.

I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be some crime drop-off, of course there would be, you could legalize murder or theft and magically see a crime drop as well. It’s a matter of a former crime not being on the books anymore, not that anyone stopped using it. People would still find some other way with which to be placed in jail. Bottom line: While the drug war is both pathetic and sad and very much reminiscent of the prohibition era in the US, legalization won’t change anything except being able to legally buy marijuana. And after the bullshit cigarette companies have added to their product I’m certain they would just do the same with marijuana–you’d have been better off keeping it illegal at that point.

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