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Oh, Hello

February 20, 2013

Apparently I have some followers now or some really clever bots. My cynical side is on permanent vacation so I’m going to conclude that you are all actual people with actual thoughts and feelings. As opposed to people that aren’t actual people without etc. etc. etc. Which would make you either psychopathic or a very odd fellow. So hello now and thank you for subscribing. See? I know you’re there. Clawing at your monitor. Wanting more. Or…maybe that’s the beginning of a story in Penthouse Forum. Okay, here goes: I started this web log/blog/blag/blagh a long time ago in a college institution far, far away. I have since been torn between updating fairly regularly or just letting it wallow for months and then, “Bada-bing! New post.”

As you can see I’ve been more for the latter than the former, but that’s cool. I’m a rebel. I don’t give a shit about no stinkin’ updates. However, as subscribers (I’m assuming you’re not bots still. Bad cynicism. Bad!) I now feel the need to actually…you know…put some effort here. And in actuality I probably should since I feel better when I’m at my most honest and I’m my most honest when I post…things. Random thoughts. Random brain droppings (yes, Carlin is pretty good). So I will be updating more even if it is just some lame cat pooping on the carpet (millions of viewers here I come, baby!). Anyway, I bid you a welcome to my world. I hope it’s enjoyable and maybe even somewhat intriguing.

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