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Here’s To Decent (but not great) Days

February 22, 2013

I was talking to my friend, Kait, yesterday and I used a metaphor for my day that I felt was really ‘universal’ but apparently not in her house and I shall share it with you now. I told her that my day was fairly decent and she replied with ‘Goodie’ and I replied with, “Like a slice of birthday cake that’s gotten kind of stale. Just a little. Enough that the crumbs taste funky, but it hasn’t infected the whole cake yet,” and then she reminded me of how un-universal it is in her house because she has so many siblings.

When she wondered about it I ‘splained it out (oh yeah, so cool): “Because the night’s been decent but not great. And it’s gotten a little stale with the quasi-boredom, but not enough to make it a bad night.”  However, I would contend that most of my days are strings of average days and nights filled with minor great or depressing moments. I’d go further and say that’s how everyone’s days go. You never truly have great days every day and you never have truly shitty days every day either. They always fall into this middle category where there is some good and some bad bits, but mostly just average.

It’s why we do so many automatic actions like locking the door and then wonder, “Did I really lock the door?” Because it’s so average your mind is just settling for average, but we definitely remember the feeling of our first kiss (mine was in kindergarten) and we remember our first loss (my grandmother dying when I was in 1st grade). You remember those moments, because they are memorable and they don’t happen every day.

So, if you’re having an average day today just remember to celebrate it in its averageness–it could always be worse and it could always be better. But average is good because it means your world isn’t collapsing and your friends aren’t abandoning your particular ship.  Sure you could always strive for a great day and that requires a lot of work which also means a greater risk of failure if your plans go awry. Which means if you do strive for one of those truly earth-shattering bone-breaking days where the world is your oyster (who enjoys those things?) then make it great, but don’t reach too high to where you can’t survive the fall. And if you’re having a bad day I want you to remember that it gets better and your bad day will pass and you’ll have a second chance; like all rain clouds it does have an ending.

And thank you to Kait for inspiring me to write this blagh entry.

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  1. February 22, 2013 1:11 pm

    It’s a good day when I’m on the right side of the grass and not pushing up daisies! 🙂

    • February 22, 2013 1:17 pm

      Agreed. I’m always happy about that bit as well. I’m allergic to grass and death. Soo…a hivey corpse I’ll make.

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