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Large And Interesting Bits

February 22, 2013

Are we truly anonymous online anymore? I remember getting online in 1996 and your name on AOL (who used Prodigy or CompuServe? Losers! I kid) was your identity, if you had one, was your name. So you created something really stupid to hide who you were like “FartMaster83” or “KittyKatKrisp” and that was who you were (I don’t recommend anything so absurd) and you never really knew anything about the person. Now your identity is who you are in the real world. Your anonymity easily shattered by sharing random facts. And if anyone knows where to look and what your name is elsewhere then they’ve found you. Sooo….I’m not attempting to hide myself or anything because I know one day the dream will end (FFX for you in the know).

Without further ado (adieu?) I’ll share some random facts about myself:

  • When I was 7 a patio door fell and shot at my back and cut it to the bone.
  • I made out with a girl named Kristen when I was in kindergarten and it’s all been downhill since.
  • My favorite word is idiosyncratic because it fits who I am.
  • If there’s three types of food on a plate I play a game of cold war with myself and separate them so as not to mix their flavors.
  • I have generalized anxiety and panic attacks because I figured that one wasn’t good enough, but two is even better.
  • If given the choice between wearing pants or shorts I choose shorts every time. I like the leg room. Plus pants feel too confining.
  • I design…things. If it’s printed I can do it.

And lastly

  • My favorite day is Thursday. I just like its name. It sounds cool. Who’s your friend? Oh he’s Thursday, Thirsty. Thirsty Thursday.

Those are just a few things about myself that I thought I would share. Sometimes I do feel one-dimensional on places where anonymity is mostly there. I’ll share some more later on down the road when I get bored or feel like I’m in a box.

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