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February 24, 2013

Tonight was a foggy night I’m here to report. I’m finally starting to wake up, but I always wake up late at night, I think my clock has some springs popping out of it and the arms are all wound in various directions. Do the cool kids still use analog these days? Well, there’s not much business in it, I’m afraid. Everyone likes their digital or their cell phone to be digitally enhanced–including the time. Oh, despite my mournful tone I’m actually quite okay with digital as it makes it so much easier.

It’s like we’ve got our own personal mastery over time and we can make it look and work how we want. I’ve recently discovered the joys of binary although I notteth own one, but I do find the concept intriguing. I suppose next there will be a Klingon themed clock or an Elvish clock, perfect for you aficionados of fictional languages. But I do like that there’s ways of changing the way time looks for us and how we interpret it and if you get good at it you’ll eventually be speaking your own language, essentially.

Anyway, this divergence into time was quite fun, but now I’m off to contemplate my own time. Specifically bed time and how it’s really unjust how my body puts me out if I don’t put me out.

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