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Dark Into Light

February 28, 2013

I’m deciding to take a break from the heavy thoughts for a few days, but rest assured I will be my usual grim, thoughtful self. But today’s topic is dirty clothes. Yes, I’m sure someone’s written something along these lines before so I’ll dovetail it into my own experiences. See, I don’t have a fine line between clean and dirty clothes. Yes, I will wear something more than one day if I haven’t worn it for more than an hour. Sound disgusting? ‘eh…I don’t sweat too much while I’m out and it makes absolutely no sense to get really anal about the demarcation of a shirt that’s dirty vs. one that is clean. Where this line gets fuzzy is in the winter. Mostly because the cold gives me a case of the fuck-its. And my fuck-its rages all the time when it’s cold.

But I do have a system for dirty vs. clean clothes:

Pants can be worn for more than one day if there was no heat involved at all causing any kind of perspiration. But I won’t wear them more than twice. This goes for a shirt as well unless I wear it for more than an hour. If it’s more then an hour it’s officially considered dirty. Boxers I won’t wear more than once because it makes the closest contact to my skin in an area that builds a lot of heat and friction. The same rule applies to socks. So now you know my ‘dirty’ little secret. It’s not exactly groundbreaking or earth-shattering as I’m sure more people than me do this (odds in my favor) and then there’s people who fall way into the extremes of clean and dirty. And those people either have OCD (my deceased friend would change her sheets every time someone other than her would lay on them) and the people who just don’t give a shit.

So, where do you fall on this divide?

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