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John Waters

March 4, 2013

John Waters is one of my favorite directors and quasi-comedians out there. Specifically his show ‘This Filthy World’. He goes over his whole career and mostly I think it’s embellished for humorous purposes, but it’s fascinating seeing his thought process at work because he can tight rope his way across that line between horror and funny really well. The one line that really stuck out for me that prompted this post was when he was sharing anecdotes about things overheard and one of them was this hilarious conversationg between a father and his son (daughter?):

‘Why does mommy drink?’

‘Because you’re an asshole!’

If that was a real conversation and I heard that I would be no good for the rest of the day.

Anyway, yeah, he’s a pretty unique part of our culture and may he continue to spread his brand of obscenity.

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