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C’mon Warm Weather

March 7, 2013

Being the end of winter (shup, it is!) I feel myself getting a little anxious for the warm weather to arrive so I can start feeling less sheltered than I already am. The closest approximation for this feeling would be being a contestant on Press Your Luck, ‘C’mon, big money! Big money!’ They’d say ritualistically as if it were a chant to ward off the inevitable whammy. Well, today my current state of residence hit a whammy in the form of snow.

Not even good fluffy snow, but 4 inches of slush that was just enough to wreck plans, but not enough to do any lasting damage. Fortunately it’s going to be 60 (15 for you non-yanks) this Sunday so hopefully that will be an awesome day for me. If not and we do end up hitting a whammy again I just may have to develop weather technology that keeps it sunny. That or spray a shitload of silly string into the air.

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