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Design Wednesday

March 20, 2013


This was for my Veer poster class project. I chose to make it similar to an aged and somewhat tacky poster. My inspiration for it came from a Qube Konstrukt video they did for K-Swiss called ‘Escape To Suburbia‘. It originally had other elements added to it which I’ve since taken out. If you’re curious about the process I’ll link to the original at the bottom.

Link (original look)

Link (the look I settled on)

Link (the back of the poster)

So, yeah, that’s the design and I took the thermometer bits out as was pointed out by my professor and what I was starting to feel that it didn’t work. At the time, though, I was going for a little more darker feel. In fact I think there’s a copt where the blood is a little more prominent. Aha! Found it.(link) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a brief look into this process. And next week I think I’ll do a new design.

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