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April 2, 2013

Man, fuck this world man! I don’t need this bullshit. I’m so non-conformist you don’t even know! I wear the tightest jean and the hippest clothing in the world, before it was popular! Fuck the man and his shit. Sorry, let me answer my iPhone. Oh! See! It was my friend Amber congratulating me on being the coolest guy she knows in the whole world! You hear that?! The whole world, man. But fuck her, man. I’m not going to conform to her conformist view that I’m the coolest. I’m so far above that you don’t even know! Like yesterday my friend, Jimmy, was talking about his extensive vinyl collection that was so cool. I nearly came in my pants! I also have a vinyl collection. Don’t you remember what a record is?! It was the coolest thing that gave the awesomest sound in the world that was so great, you don’t even know. See? That’s your problem because I screw the man with his cheap corporate rock on cd’s and digital downloads. All my friends have records so I needed to do that as well.

Okay. I burned myself out there. Whew. I was making a statement on these groups that are so non-conformist they conform. It’s interesting, isn’t it? You can literally go so far off the radar but that if anyone follows your trend then they are conforming to your non-conformity. This is really a thought that’s bubbled to the surface a few years ago and has cropped up since. I usually go back to it when I have a moment to think, because it really does bother me. I’m not quite sure which aspect bothers me the most: that in trying not to be like everyone else you end up being like everyone else. Or that to be ‘non-conformist’ you just need to be yourself which means if you hate any aspect of yourself you will likely fall in to whatever trend could be popular at the moment.

The current trend that bothers me these days are tattoos. Now, I’ve gone on the record in the past and have said I find tattoos stupid and pointless. Big mistake because, “WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU HATE SOMETHING I BELIEVE IN DEEPLY!” So yeah, I find tattoos stupid and pointless, but then again what isn’t in this life? I play video games and listen to music. Why? They’re the most time wasting activity imagined, but I enjoy it. I think that’s what people don’t get when I say I don’t like them: I’m not criticizing you, personally, I just find the activity a meaningless exercise in self-expression. But you know what else is a meaningless exercise in self-expression?


Go on, guess. So yeah, both activities are stupid. Mine was so awesome that only a few people (until I went to Otakon) actually did it. I was a rebel! I do think it gave me more personality. Or maybe it was a shield I successfully used for years to give myself a personality I seriously felt that I was lacking. And I think that’s where a lot of this expression of ‘non-conformity’ or ‘self-expression’ comes from: a fear that there’s something fundamentally missing from their personality that they have to hide it behind a fuck-ton of metal and ink or the ‘best’ clothing…or…[insert trend here]. These activities have become so common that now it’s becoming non-conformist not to participate in these trends.

I think I’m trying to say that you’re good as you are. Speaking as someone who desperately tried (and continues) to try and hide who I am I understand the sentiment behind doing these various acts to one’s body. And if I’m completely wrong and it’s a sign that you, ‘love yourself,’ then so be it. Although I’m not sure ‘loving yourself’ and ‘numerous bodily holes’ quite jive together, but that’s just me. To me I think loving yourself would be being comfortable with who you are and knowing you don’t have to do these things to yourself to be expressive, but what do I know? My hair used to look like fruity pebbles on a good day and a blob of green dye on a bad day.  Again, that’s just my opinion. MY opinion. Not yours or anyone else’s. So I don’t want any shit for, “OMG HE LIKE TOTALLY SAID I DON’T LIEK MAHSELF! LOSER!”

I think that’s it for the night. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go board up my house in the event of people arriving with torches and pitchforks.

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