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Have A Seat

April 3, 2013

Are you like me and feel odd calling a woman a girl? I’ll admit I’m not always consistent and I have a tendency to slip-up every now and then, but I do end up cringing each time I call a female older than 18 a girl and even 18 is pushing it, a girl. Usually when I think of a ‘girl’ I think of a er–girl playing with children’s toys and such and seeing if Bobby has that crush on her and shh…don’t tell anyone because she’d like, die. Hopefully that didn’t sound nearly as sexist as I’m chastising myself for it sounding, however, that’s what a girl is to me. A female between 3-13 who’s not quite a ‘young adult.’ Also I really hate that term, but society demands it for that awkward phase between childhood and adulthood.

But anyway, the point is that beyond the whole feminist trope of a label trying to diminish women by calling them girls, it’s also vaguely creepy. Almost like people are trying to keep them in this eternally youthful bubble where they’re never allowed to grow-up. Yeah, you’d really need to have a seat with Chris Hansen if all females in your life are ‘girls’, because that’s what it feels like: being a pedophile. Almost to try to keep women in that stage of their life. I want a woman, not a girl. A girl (or at least every girl I’ve ever known) has been really immature and their depth could be measured with a pencil sharpened to a nub–that’s not to say that boys aren’t equally as shallow, but for the intent of this entry the boy/man divide will only be touched upon briefly.

The other problem I find with keeping females in this eternally youthful bubble is that if society can dictate behavior with words then we’re certainly dictating a woman’s behavior by trying to keep them young indefinitely. This means that they never really grow as a person and consequently have the same sort of insecurities that they have had earlier in life. This all sounds silly, but with the volume of long lasting, positively beautifying, fuller bounce, eliminate wrinkles, and never age products that are catered to females it really shows a sickening trend, in my mind, that we don’t value females as a society and want to keep them young forever. Which consequently never allows women to grow beyond their issues. This can also apply to men as we’re gradually being pushed in that direction by marketing execs who’ve found that by gee golly, men have insecurities as well.

So, there are some women who enjoy being called ‘girls’ because ‘it makes them feel young which brings them back to that time when mommy and daddy took care of everything. And now they can be taken care of by a big, strong man who will love them, but not too much, because that’s creepy. In the grand scheme of things these words matter. Not only do they matter, but they psychologically attach themselves to our psyches and we react to them for either good or bad reasons, but the thing is for women–females in general, society has turned being called a ‘girl’ into a compliment when it shouldn’t be because ultimately it just diminishes them as much as much as being called a ‘boy’ diminishes men.

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