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Let’s Try A Morning Blagh Entry

April 15, 2013

On the agenda today: physical therapy and then therapy. This should be interesting because I haven’t really seen my therapist in two weeks due to scheduling so I’ve accomplished quite a lot of what we’ve set out to do, I’m more engaged in my life, I am driving quite a bit now, I’ve driven alone some, I’ve driven to Maryland twice and barring a tiny incident last week I’ve been anxiety free about it plus staying home alone now is really nothing. All in all I’d say I’m doing a lot better than I was even 4 weeks ago.

The key now is getting back in to my usual gym going habits and eating less. Yeah, I haven’t updated a lot about the weight loss because I’ve felt like a failure in that area. I guess it’s only natural and difficult for people to stick to so I know I’m not alone, but still, for me I feel like I’m failing. So there’s that. And I really should eat breakfast right now as physical therapy’s at 12 and I tend to really drag when I eat before doing it.

I guess there are worse things to blagh about and I stick to a reflective mode all the time here so I think it’s time to write more about my present than my past. I could tell everyone stories about my past and the misadventures of an uptight youth which could prove entertaining, but during one of my nights a while back I was going all mopey about that fact–that I don’t really have any stories from the present to share with friends. It’s probably why my conversations tend to stagnate after a while. Anyway…time to dash off to prepare to get physical, physical.

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