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You Know Son You Really Ought To Buy That Thing Dinner First

April 22, 2013

Well…hello! I can actually breathe through my nose again which is good. However my nose feels like a piece of sandpaper has been grating over it for the last week–which is not so good plus my abdomen hurts every time I laugh. Which makes me laugh more. I have no idea what that’s about. Anyway…onto business if there is some business. I’ll find some eventually. Today I go back to physical therapy which is great as I’m really starting to ache and I think being inside since Wednesday has given me a bit of cabin fever (not that hack Eli Roth’s kind (yes, I just felt like ripping on that hack)).

I have no idea what to write about so for some inspiration…*spins wheel* Oh, a long trip by myself. Okay. In July 2005 I decided to meet my friend in Canada and my father tagged along in his van to see Niagra falls as he’d never experienced it before. Trouble is his van was breaking down around Pittsburgh so I was left to drive through the rest of PA and into Buffalo, NY to my friend’s in Ontario where I would be spending the next 10 days. I remember being very frightened at the time, but I soldiered through that feeling. For the first time in my life I was alone and pretty far from anyone who knew me or could help me.

If I’d realized that at the time I would’ve lost my nerve and stuck it out with my father until we got home. Buffalo was kind of interesting in that it was a fairly straight line in to Canada and when I’d gotten to the border I met my first pants crapping challenge: border patrol. (Sidebar: in July 2005 there was a terrorist attack in England around my birthday so for the week after it was kind of tough). The border patrol lady was really…ah…scary.

She kept asking me questions that would make no sense to any uptight security guard (“Where’d you meet this friend? Where do they live? How long do you plan to stay?”). Now, the questions weren’t scary so much as how she said that and I was sure at any moment I’d be searched because who the fuck does these things? I made it in without a search which was fortunate because I don’t know how they’d have reacted to having 2lbs of steamed crab in my trunk that I got for my friend.

My trip was pretty standard and maybe I’ll write more about it, but this is about the journey and what’s a good journey without a trip home? So I left Canada 10 days later and headed home. The trip…was interesting. See, at this time I had no GPS so I was relying on a mapquest map for my directions which I’d followed to the letter until around lower PA where everything all started looking the same. I was lost but not so terribly lost that it was scary. Actually, it was a little scary as it was getting dark and if I thought the neighborhoods all looked the same in twilight then they’ll really start looking the same at night.

That’s when I called my father at he guided me the rest of the way at least until I-70 which was easy to get to and find the rest of my way home. It was about 8:30 by the time I was on 95 and I looked to my left and saw the lights of Baltimore (which look amazing) and I finally felt home and at peace. There was no worry or anything and it was just so easy to do that it was automatic. This trip I contrast with my present and my inability to drive even three miles and it leaves me wondering what happened. What was different. I still have no answer and I’m working my way toward finding an answer.

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