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My Pinky Hates Me

April 29, 2013


I started physical therapy on my right hand today. Trust me, that pic is only the tip of my problem, but that’s why I’m getting it worked on. I cannot touch my thumb with my pinky without some sort of intervention. So that was fun. All in all I’d say I’m kicking ass except today when a stray thought distracted me and a two pound ball smacked into my face. I’m not too concerned about the movement in my hand for right now as I’m shedding 30 years of disuse so of course right now it’s going to suck.

I think for the most part, the troubling aspect is the embarrassment and I shouldn’t feel embarrassed at PT because that’s what it’s for. However, these exercises were very embarrassing with how my pinky would not cooperate. Lifting marbles and touching fingers were kind of a letdown because I thought it was slightly better than what was on display.

Other than that I just did the exercises I’ve been doing only I pushed up the weight a bit. I’ve also been going through a Scrubs marathon on Netflix and I really want to start writing again. And designing.

Today’s not been too introspective for me which might explain the small amount of content right now. Maybe later. But I feel that strays too far into wangst most of the time. Anywhoo…later it is.

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