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Blood Tests

May 8, 2013

I had a blood test taken yesterday to see how well or not so well I’m doing and I was writing a post about it in my head (I do that a lot). Obviously I never quite got the focus to write it yesterday. Blood tests tend to freak me out a little, because in my mind I’m the unhealthiest person that was ever unhealthy. I feel like a the doctors have a bullhorn they use to call out to the world, ‘Unheaaaaaaallthy!’ Plus, if I have crappy numbers then it also means my risk for every health problem under the sun increases.

Yeah, the, ‘You have time,’ thing can only sustain my positive outlook for so long. I need positivity to keep things going. I always felt like that was a bad thing for me, that it made me weak and too dependent on everyone else. I guess it does to an extent, but it also goes into my attitude: when things really click I really feel good; when they don’t, that’s when I feel like shit. So…imagine these numbers as lotto numbers and how I treat them–that’s why they freak me out.

Good news, however, I am fine. Better than fine. My body fucking rules…well..outside the weight. That too can be fixed. I honestly felt very elated. I felt my anxiety melting away and I didn’t feel like crap or the unhealthiest person ever. That gave me a bit more confidence as well. True, I am still high-ish risk, but I feel like I can overcome this now, because 2 years ago my cholesterol and triglycerides were sucking. As was my HDL. So yeah…today was great.

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