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Mr. Pinky Meet Mr. Thumb

May 13, 2013

Yeah. Things are improving on the right hand front, but I can’t grasp a clothespin and yet I can grasp a marble. That seems off, but I think it’s mostly because the marble offers no resistance except how smooth it is. And that’s been the time missing. I haven’t really had much to say recently. I mean, I guess I could write about some stuff and that could be fun–whatever the stuff may be. I am very happy that my pinky is getting some independent movement and I’m happy that in August I’m moving.

I’ve been feeling really lethargic and I think that’s mostly due to looking at monitors too much. I have my computer, my smartphone, and my tablet to look at and my eyes have been all like, “FUCK YOU!” So I’ve been sleeping erratically because I take a nap and then wake up late then go to bed late, and then wake up early. I’ve gotta stop that. And this beard is annoying me again.

Yeah, my life is awesome right now. Anyway…as pessimistic as that last statement sounded I am quite content with a lot of things. More on those things later. I just wanted to reassure everyone that no, I did not get a sex change and fly off to Vegas to become a prostitute named, Josana Lovefree, for some money and blow.

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