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The Therapist Is Leaving Town

May 17, 2013

I find myself being the therapist to my friends a lot of the time and while I don’t always mind it–this week has gotten really annoying with it. It just seems like that the fire never goes out a lot of the time and some of my friends have treated my chats with them as a cheap form of therapy. I feel I should remind them that I’m not a licensed therapist and that any advice I can give should be taken lightly.

I’m not saying a therapist’s views should be given an added weight, but there’s a reason why psychologists are told not to treat friends: their advice can be biased and the whole point of therapy is to get an outsider’s opinion. Then there’s the fact that I found out why my psychology career ended before it even started: 1) I empathize too much and that empathy has a downside, mainly that these kind of problems get stuck in my head and I tend to obsess over them and want to try to help and in trying to help their baggage tends to rub off on me.

2) I have my own problems I need to deal with. Like, big and monumental problems I need to deal with. I have a shitty self-image and I can’t drive alone. Yes, horribly pathetic on the driving since in 2005 I drove to Canada by myself and now I can’t even drive three miles to the next town over. So, not to diminish their problems, I just don’t think I’m the person to come to for sound mental advice.

Now, I will do whatever I can to help my friends. Really, if a friend is in need and I can help or give advice then sure, I will talk you through it. That’s just who I am. But as for talking about your problems day after day after day after day after day (yeah, it was that bad) I’m not the person to talk to. I wish I were because I like to help and want to figure out this thing we call life as much as the next person and I feel that helping others deal with their problems gets us closer to figuring it out.

You would be surprised at how common and how repetitive these things are and sure, the players and scenarios are different, but the core issues are all the same. I’d argue that our current overall mental health as a nation is severely lacking and given how common a lot of things are I’d say that it’s an infectious issue that we need to deal with. But that is for people with more stacks of paper than I have and bigger bank accounts.

Sooo….this is my ‘resignation letter’ of sorts. I will only see select ‘patients’ from now on and only on a limited basis. I know, poor humor, but it really is what it feels like a lot of times. And since I haven’t been talking depression, suicide, self-hate., etc. for the last couple of days I’ve felt a lot better. I feel as if I’m reaching some sense of normalcy in my own thoughts and I’m really happy about that, because I really was starting to break and become a twisted version of myself for this last week.

That is why I stopped updating after my last entry. I took a step back, I evaluated what was going wrong, and now I’m in the action ohase of my plan and starting to feel relieved. Anyway…onto happier topics in a bit.

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