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Cussing And Other Bits

May 29, 2013

A long time ago I wrote a post on facebook with the note system that I used as my proto-blagh and I wrote about why I cuss so much. It won rave reviews and several awards, but not really. Butvhere’s the original post:

I cuss a lot. I mean…a lot. Probably not as much as some but certainly more than your average joe. I cuss for emphasis, though, not shock value and certainly not to offend people that don’t. No, I just think a good hearty shouting of, “FUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Is a good release valve. Certainly better than some other ways to deal with pressure or stress. I also don’t believe in the hokey belief that these words have some special value.

To me, words have only as much value as we give them and are subject to the changing of cultures. These days if you cuss or say anything vulgar in public you’re much less likely to get a cockeyed glance or look. That’s because it’s become common with ‘this younger generation’ to use them. So that’s good to see. There’s also the whole censorship issue to deal with and I don’t really believe in that either. Sure, I can self-censor myself when I need to. I wouldn’t say, “Fuck, doc, I’ve got a really achey back.” But I would say something similar to my friends. Again, self-censorship, but it’s my choice.

So, if I cuss too much for you–I apologize. It really is a natural part of my lexicon and I refuse to give it up. There’s no clearer way to say you despise someone than to call them a dirty cunt. Sorry, there just isn’t. In closing, have a great fucking day.

That’s my general view of cursing. Now, I’ve been thinking about this a bit more as I usually do and I still feel the same way as I did in 2010. The idea that there are certain words you cannot say is offensive to me. You’re telling me that the way sound waves come out of your mouth have some magical power? And why ‘curse’ words? Is a a plane really going to fall on your house the moment you say ‘fuck’? I think there’s more to this fear of cussing, cursing, or however you wish to call it.

I see this prohibition on these words as a way to control behavior and thought. And no this isn’t some Alex Jones type conspiracy. But we think in language, our language is us. If you want to control the masses even a tiny bit you control the language. Since it’s generally been agreed upon these words are ‘bad’ then you’ve given the people who’ve decided this more power over your thoughts and it’s easier to listen to what they have to say.

This especially makes sense if you’re a religion or a politician. So the more they can twist your thoughts to their kind of thinking then the easier they are to listen to and the more rules you’ll follow. I am not saying this method is 100% effective and there are exceptions. But for the most part it’s about control and right now…’ehh…at least politically and religiously they still maintain control.

I do know a few people who do not cuss because they feel it makes them lesser people or it’s for unintelligent people. Fair enough, but thoughts like those aren’t formed in a vacuum. As long as you’re alive you’ll always be influenced by society’s rules and it’s always a matter of how much and how little you’re influenced by them. So the unintelligent bit just strikes me as more bullshit that’s become a learned behavior rather an actual desire.

And that’s really my thoughts on cussing or cursing. I find the whole idea a ridiculous concept and will use ‘salty’ language till I’m in the grave. Also, I was tired of writing about grim topics and the like. Whether this all seemed crackpotty to you or you agree, I think it’s worth thinking about, because even the trivial matters in your life can be polluted by someone else’s thoughts and desires.

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  1. May 30, 2013 9:47 am

    I have the same issue. I’m Aussie – fuck is the first word we learn. I’m never going to censor my swearing on my blog, but in real life I do. You just can’t speak like that at work. I wish I could, but I can’t.

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