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The Fight Against Irrelevancy

June 1, 2013

A thought’s been brewing in my head and it concerns the fear of irrelevancy–I’m sure we’ve all been there, right? It’s this cloying feeling that you no longer matter to people and places that you used to matter a great deal to. If you look hard enough you can usually find it and in my case it’s the sole motivator behind my constant texting and my constant messaging because I fear being irrelevant in my friend’s eyes. And because I live in Dullsville, USA and can’t drive alone again (*thumbs up*) I fear being irrelevant to their lives.

Then I thought about things and how people behave this constant stream of attention-wanting and I realized: that’s really the prime motivator, isn’t it? I’m not sure if I’m the first person to think this or whether I read a blurb about it somewhere, but I really do think that’s what motivates us today and probably always has: the fear we’ll be replaced by someone newer, shinier, with better skin, better sex organs, a better personality…just better…than us.

This trait is also found in groups, which isn’t all that shocking and we’ve made up expressions to express our fear of being irrelevant, “The dustbin of history,”, “The wrong side of history,”, “The chest of forgotten toys.” All ways to express our fear of this being ignored and being replaced. Capitalism reinforces this belief because if your company makes one wrong move then generally it’s seen in ‘decline’ or ‘no longer mainstream’. That’s another thing you’ll hear: mainstream. Is there one stream? Why not multiple ones that take branching paths? And mainstream is just code for popular.

So, if covering myself in shit and pretending I was Napoleon Bonaparte was popular that I’d be mainstream? No! Fuck no. But good to see our standards are so laxed that any sort of insanity can define itself as mainstream if enough people are doing it. And that’s the problem: we all follow our own paths and just because something is popular or ‘mainstream’ does not mean it’s a good idea. Back to irrelevancy, though, I do think that while groups fight to keep their relevance I don’t think enough credit it given to time and how time will ultimately decide a company, group, or person’s fate. I’m not talking about death even though death certainly is the ultimate form of this.

I’m saying that if it’s your time to shine, fly, decline, or die, that it’s gonna happen. You can fight this monster all day long, but it doesn’t change the fact that if you’re no longer important in a person’s life or if you’re changing and that person’s staying the same that eventually time will feast on that relationship and there’s nothing you can do. This goes doubly true for groups of people. I’m an Atheist and even I know that change is in the air regarding the religious paradigm on this planet and with the advent of proper education that religions are suddenly being squeezed because they’re slipping into irrelevancy.

However, I also know that once a form of homeostasis is born with Atheism that my group of people will be put into the ‘dustbin of history’ as well, because we’ll no longer be seen as necessary. Fair enough and that is how time goes, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bitter fucking disappointment–as are most things people work on that will one day be destroyed. I want to leave on this final thought:

Is this feeling warranted? Well, in some cases that’s a definite yes, but I do think that while we crave something newer and shinier to distract us that we do prefer the old and familiar as well. So maybe there’s a place for both and we need to strike this balance. In my case it’s a choice between being annoying and not caring enough, but I do care. And I do care quite a bit about being seen as a non-factor. However, thinking about this and seeing how things usually work I should just let this thing go. I know it’ll happen more times in my life than I care for it to and I should stop fighting and enjoy the time with the people I know now, because time being the motherfucker it is will surely find a way to rip a few of them away.

I’ll write about this again, because I do have more thoughts on this topic that I forgot to include and I have no intention of shoehorning them back into this blagh entry.

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