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An Almost Person

June 17, 2013

It feels like ages since I’ve been here and to those who read every word, hang on every breath, absorb into their body all that is me…I apologize. Now, such a person is likely not to exist so for the rest of you: hello! I return. Refreshed. Recharged. Bigger. Faster. Or none of that. I haven’t been here for a while because a) I really do get drained by this because while my update frequency isn’t very high, I do give it my all when I show up and b) I just haven’t felt like any of my thoughts would make good entries. Yeah, that’s a bit of a cop-out since theoretically this is all for me, but I do feel a sort of responsibility to myself to at least make an entry entertaining for me.

Life update: I feel like almost a person again. I don’t get panicky when someone leaves while I’m asleep and I’m starting to drive again. Baby steps. But still progressing. I really do feel like I’m getting somewhere with this. Plus my hand is becoming a lot more functional besides the shoe tying I am starting to get individual movement and strength into it. Also my hand is starting to feel like a crunchy bag of tendons. Mmm…tendons.

I have about a month and two weeks before the big move out of the Rock and no Sean Connery will not be involved. So that all makes me happy. I’m also listening to a Wake Up room on Spotify’s Soundrop extension. So that’s cool too. It’s weird…I would give none of this music a second chance a long time ago and now I’m constantly being exposed to new music that I enjoy and some I do not enjoy, but it is interesting liking my own music with no music nazis ragging on me for, “Oh my god, you like them?!” Why yes, yes I do. And I’m not ashamed of my musical choices anymore.

I’m also thinking of making a writing blagh or thing. Like making an interactive novel where each entry is a few pages of the novel and we each impromptu-ly make a new scene and see where it evolves. I think that’d be cool, but I’m not sure how the hell I’d get that to work and how anyone would feel about it. Mostly because I know the ownership we have with our characters and worlds and if someone killed them or moved them to a place where they weren’t pleased then it could easily end up like a D&D night where no one is happy. So I think I’ll work some more on that one.

Hmm….I guess that’s it for now. Oh! I’m not feeling mopey lately. Which is also a good sign but can also annoy people who aren’t quite feeling so happy. Anyway…this is it for now. I’ll update more tonight.

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