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June 22, 2013

Yesterday I started this big post about how I think ‘the future is digital’ is a bullshit slogan by people who readily give-up their rights for convenience…aaaand I didn’t publish it. In fact, I didn’t even finish it. I got to the second paragraph and realized that my arguments weren’t as solid as I wanted them to be and I shall be keeping it as a draft for the moment. I’m writing this because I had an outside moment that horrified and comforted me at the same time.

My mind overrode my bullshit that I was going to publish and I stopped myself. I do this a lot, but mostly because I lose my ambition to write the post and then get lazy and it remains buried. I often wonder how many people think like this when updating their blagh and how many unfinished drafts lie in their queue. I suspect it happens a lot, but still…I look at the drafts of the forgotten and I feel bad, because I felt this particular way at that moment and now I don’t.

Usually that’s a feeling that a person gets when it’s been years, but I see them every day I look at my blagh and just feel bad. Like I’m neglecting a part of myself. Anyway…this will be a slightly shorter entry than my usual fare. I’ll have a proper update tomorrow.

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