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Aaand We’re Back

August 4, 2013

For those who haven’t been following this thing (and there’s quite a lot who have), I moved back to Maryland this weekend and…what a job it was. The U-Haul peeps gave us a 24ft truck instead of the 14ft that was requested. And my cousin Kurt packed it by himself. Every piece. I was impressed and kind of shocked. So the move went alright. I did cry a little last night because I was just really drained by 11pm and had been up since 5:40am. Yeah, yesterday was not my kind of day and the fewer days I re-live that day, the better. I just now got my computer setup hence the entry.

And, oddly, I do miss Pennsylvania a tiny bit, but I think in the long run I’ll be very happy as I can work even more on getting over my anxieties now that I’m in civilization and not in the suburbian boonies. I’ll update more later. For now this will be the shortest entry I’ve ever made. *le sigh*

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