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Weight Loss Blagh Entry Take 2

September 18, 2013

The mirage of the goatee…I recently shaved off my monster goatee that I’d soent weeks on. I was going to have a friend braid it for me and then I’d chop it off. I never intended to keep it permanently, but it got to the point of being unwieldy and I was looking like a drifter. So I shaved it off…and wow…what an eye-opener. I know it sounds stupid, but when the goatee was on I could at least pretend that my face hadn’t changed too much and without it I truly saw that I had.

The way I put it to my friend was that while you see your body every day you don’t see all of it so you can somewhat pretend that you’re not as big as you think. However, you see one hundred percent of your face and without facial hair you can see that your neck and face are gradually swallowing your chin.

Which leads me to where I am today: trying to be more active one day at a time. I like exercise and I like doing things, but in recent years it’s gotten to the point where if it’s not scheduled then I won’t do anything and that’s…not been helping me lose weight at all. So I’ve been taking daily walks around my apartment complex. Not only is it an activity but it’s also a little bit of exploring. I found a pathway I didn’t even know existed and that was pretty cool.

The other part of activity that you never hear too much about is how it makes you feel mentally and after having spent my Thursday just playing GTA V, I can definitely feel the difference. I kind of lost a little pep to my step. Also ate a little more than I have been. So, there’s that too. But I’m still striving towards every day walking and hopefully today isn’t as dark and gloomy as it is right now.

That could be just where the sun is directed. At any rate, I’m trying to be more active and lose this weight that’s been the bane of my existence for most of my life. Hopefully I get there and I think this is a good way to accomplish that, even if on some days I fall short. More to come.

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