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Violent Attention Grabbers And The People That Love Them

October 9, 2013

Stop rewarding bad behavior. Okay? Let’s just stop. I know I post very few advocacy things on this blagh, but this is an issue that’s really been cropping up much more than I like. If you abuse little kids online or call people ‘fags’ because they’re better than you. Or post a youtube video of you acting like an asshole–just stop rewarding them. These people really serve no value to society other than to show us the ugly side of life and make us act all offended for a few hours or a minute, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe they did that! Let’s watch it again so we can act all shocked’.

I get it: society tells us we must be famous in order to stand out above the rest and before that was with your talent or some thought that no one else had and now since you can become famous for just being famous we must act out violently in order to become famous. How do we do that? By being horrible people to our fellow man and woman. Here’s the rub, though: if you act horribly and people see you as a horrible person and people shout you down or react viscerally to your bad behavior–you have no right to complain or act shocked. Really. Your bad behavior is not ‘great’ or even ‘novel’, you’re just an asshole that tried to play Agent Provocateur and failed so horribly because you think you need to be a jerk to get attention.

Unfortunately our society also rewards that with fame and news stories and ‘how can you be so horrible’s so there’ll always be people that are fine with the jerks and assholes and fuckwads, but I hope that the message gets across that this isn’t acceptable. That you don’t need to act this way to get attention and fame. Go out and find something unique to you that only you do that’s so much better and do it. If it’s great enough then you will be famous and the money will flow. That’s not some flighty idealism that if you work hard enough you’ll succeed because life does suck and the good people don’t always get the recognition they deserve–that’s wrong.

But you do yourself and society no favors by being mean to everyone just because you think it’ll bring you fame and fortune. We don’t need our attention to be violently grabbed in order to get attention and I wish more people would realize that. So…moral of the story: don’t be a dick. Don’t treat people horribly in the quest for fame and money. And especially don’t be fucking shocked if people hate you for acting like a shithead.

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