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October 25, 2013

I’ve made in no secret in the past that I’m not too fond of tattoos and it’s not that I can’t appreciate what ‘works of art’ they are. More that I find them trendy and stupid and really unncessary. I also question the ‘this is to remember ______’ aspect of them as I can remember quite a bit without etching it out on my flesh. There’s also been some ballyhoo among my friends when I mention the fact that I just don’t find tattoos appealing as they take it as personal affront to their sensibilities, ‘Why are we even friends?’ They’ll ask without a hint of irony (this also comes up when I air my dislike for Metallica or Nirvana).

See, I mistake the fact that when I’m friends with someone I’m making friends with body art too. My mistake. I will never do that again. But what really sends me into revulsion are facial piercings and up until recently I’ve had trouble articulating just why I’m so repulsed by by them. To me your face is your identity and it’s what you show the world. It…is you. And as much as people try to say, ‘I’m more than who I am on the outside,’ that’s true. However, your face is the first thing that people see and when I see someone with facial piercings I’m only left feeling that they must really hate how they look; it’s such a violent thing to do to one’s face that I can’t help but feel a tiny shred of disgust when encountering someone with piercings there.

Oh, and before anyone says, ‘I can do whatever I want! You can’t tell me what to do!’ That’s true. I’m not telling anyone how to live their life–what I am saying is that I can’t help but feel someone hates their identity when they do such things to their body. It’s even worse when it’s a facial tattoo. Also, if anyone questions whether their face is an important part of their identity try this: cut the head off a picture of someone with a similar body type as you, show it to someone, and then ask them to identify who you are. The results should be fun. Especially if you have no identifying tattoos to assist them.

Again: live your life how you want. No one is saying you can’t, but this persecution complex has got to go. Anyone who spends more than 2 minutes on Facebook with ‘alt lifestyle’ friends know what I’m talking about.

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