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O Hall-o-ween O Hall-o-ween

October 27, 2013

I often hear people talk about Christmas and New Year’s being depressing times of year, but nobody mentions Halloween. For me it has always been pretty depressing–actually, scratch that. I remember a time when I did enjoy Halloween as a child (being a vampire ruled) and me and my brother used to go trick-or-treating, but when I got older it became a real drag. Mostly as I’m not much of a partier and I never get invited anywhere; it’s not that I’m opposed to partying or dressing up, but I’m never invited. It’s become a night of doing nothing or maybe watching tv with my brother and not even doing that these days. So just a solitary night for me–as always.

This, to me, is what makes me a little depressed about Halloween as it reminds me of my own loneliness and how few friends I’ve actually formed a tight bond with and even feel kind of forgotten about by the friends I do have. At least with Thanksgiving and Christmas there’s family activities so it’s never the feeling of being left out or forgotten.

With Halloween I’m just bombarded by people enjoying themselves. Also, I know if I really wanted to I could, ‘Easily go somewhere,’ but I’m not the sort to go to a bar or some place unless I’m with at least one friend so no, it’s not an option for me–especially with social anxiety.

In which case I’d be at a bar or club and not enjoying myself so it’d just be a change of a setting for being lonely which really would’t help. This entry probably sounds more mopey and depressing than I intended. I assure you that if I can cope with being at home so much and being alone, then I can get through this, but it still doesn’t make me enjoy this holiday.

In conclusion: bring on November.

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