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Hello Old Friend

November 6, 2013

I suppose it was inevitable given how good things were going recently, but yesterday I had a panic attack after I went for my walk. I was feeling hot, sweaty, shaky, and really not good….which lead to me checking my pulse and subsequent freakout. I also think I was suffering from a little bit of low blood sugar after the walk–it was that or I pushed myself too hard. Not sure which. But my body did hurt all over and it’s a little surprising to me how much an abdomen can ache after that. This is all beside the point, the point is: I freaked out and went a little nuts on the drive home from getting food. The good part is that I didn’t let it faze me later in the day.

The bad part is that it still happened and it wasn’t the worst one I’ve ever had and I did get myself out of it, but that feeling is just terrible. I ate and took a nap after that whole experience, though, and I drove to the grocery store last night as well whereas even six months ago I would’ve just retreated into my shell. So that tells me I’m in a stronger place mentally–which is good. Go me. I think. Okay, I’m out for now.

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