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December 2, 2013

I feel kind of…stuck. Stuck with this next title card but creatively stuck. I like paper texture and I’m really good at the crinkled paper look, but I find the more I keep going with it the more it feels like an anchor. Sure, I could create a design that perfectly captures the old and beat up look of paper but as South Park pointed out with the ‘shit’ episode: the more you say it the more trivial it becomes. Which leads me to where I’m at: wanting to try a new style and escaping my old one. I’m clearly capable of doing it, but I want I have no clue where to go with it.

Minimalist? I’ve got minimalism down. Maximialism? Haha…art deco? Now that could be fun, but gaudy. I guess when it comes down to it I’ll be whatever the client requires–usually. Right now it’s a grindhouse type style which the paper texture goes with. It’s also a good thing I’m aware my skills have stagnated a little, I think. Time to experiment a little with different styles and techniques.

See? Not dead. Just silent. Also I’ve been stewing a little on this story I’ve been writing.

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