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Flaming Out

February 6, 2014

I’ve been flaming out recently with regards to my anxiety. I’ve been feeling it quite a bit and this time it’s like I want to hop out of my skin. But unless I’m in a Clive Barker story, that wouldn’t be a good idea. I can’t focus and I can’t figure out where I’ve been going wrong.

I have this class and I tried sitting in there today and I mostly made it through, but gah…I had to leave early and likely embarrassed myself in the process. I’ve been giving up a lot of territory to my anxiety, but I’m not broken yet. Just… other news I’ve lost nearly 10lbs so far and I’m trying to celebrate Valentine’s day with the friend I love. I hope it works out between us.

I’ve not been updating and I probably should’ve been doing this more often, but ‘eh…anxiety. And this was supposed to help with the anxiety. In other news: my year anniversary since revitalizing this web log is coming up. Anyway…I’ll be updating more often–I hope.

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