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I Don’t Know What To Write

August 14, 2014

I had a really good day and all of it is falling into the miasma of faded memories. I was told I was cute today by someone so that was a nice ego boost. Or at least she said she thought I was cuter with my normal hair color. So…I dunno how I should take that now. Was she flirting? Is she interested? Fuck. I certainly didn’t act interested in the slightest because I a) don’t know how old she is and b) maybe she was just being nice. There goes that cynicism again and my shitty inability to take a compliment. Doesn’t help that yeah, I am a little attracted to her. So now what?

Other than that I’ve had a pretty successful day with very little anxiety and the anxiety I did have I overcame and made turned it on itself so it vanished. Of course late, boring nights are usually when it comes out. I have a lot of those and tomorrow should be at least interesting. I go for my Maryland license and I haven’t stepped foot in an MVA in so long I’m kind of nervous about how long it’ll be and how I’ll do with the anxiety. I also get my car unfucked. So there’s that too.

Tomorrow will be less meandering rants and more…I dunno.

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