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August 21, 2014

As far I’ve known I’ve tended to recoil at the ‘popular’ thing to do. The thing with the most noise and the biggest audience. I’m not sure but people continually telling me I have to like something always bugged the hell out of me. It’s not even from a hipster sense of, ‘I’m so much better than this,’ I just have the belief that people tend to be morons about a lot of things so I do my best to avoid following trends.

Popularity also fades and if you can find something that’s not so popular that becomes popular and then weather the storm until it dies out…then you’re golden. And since so much of America is about, ‘What’s next?’ There’s always some new fad on the horizon to leave all of the past fads on the trash heap of history. So, to me, it makes more sense to go with the slightly less popular choice or do my own thing than to follow what’s ‘popular’ because things transition all the time.

Remember the shoulder pads for blouses in the 80’s? Or how about slap bracelets? Oh man…can’t wait for those to make a comeback. I’m personally waiting for the return of radioactive devices for home use. And like most things…the shelf-life of once popular trends do occasionally make a comeback. So I can’t wait to see those trends return to life like some sort of fucked up version of Jurassic Park.

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