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Oppression of The Geeks/You’re Too Pretty To Be A Geek

September 4, 2014

I had an entry ready for last week in my head which sunk into the miasma of pain which has emanated from my gum and cheek. So…where was I?

I was discussing the current topic of the day in geekdom/nerddom with my friend, Robyn, which is thus: if you’re a female and you’re pretty then geeks either will act like you owe them sex or that you’re a fake and just joining the ‘geek chic’ trend. I can’t say I entirely disagree as I’ve seen this sort of behavior myself. Mostly the cries of fakery and less the ‘owe me sex’ stuff, thankfully, and I’m rather baffled by it.

What makes someone any more or less ‘real’ within a subculture than anyone else? We’re all pretty much united by our passions and why can’t that be enough? Why must we view anyone that’s socially attractive with suspicion the second they show their geekdom? Don’t get me wrong: there are people out there who are following trends and I think they should be shunned for trying to deceive people.

However, have we built this myth into our head that what we like is only for us and people who are…not your standard definition of attractiveness and only male? That seems a bit unfair to people that are just now making their way into something and need guidance on what’s shit and what isn’t and what to look for. NOT to be shunned for the way they look.

I’ll use gaming as sort of my target here because I’ve grown up in it. I’ve been gaming since 1985 with the Atari and NES. When I was growing up gaming wasn’t too cool, but I was never given the shit for it some kids were as my brother and myself involved ourselves with other kids that did game. We would have competitions for who could get the most points and who could do this or that. My fondest memory was for the Sega Cd version of Eternal Champions where my brother would compete with our friend, Gary, to unlock characters, discover fatalities, etc. This was pre-internet for us so it was fairly new to discover these things.

Now you would just look these things up online and it would be very boring and mundane. But back then it was an adventure. And we thrived on the competition. Who could knock out Gabby Jay the fastest in Super Punch-Out? Well, my brother because I believe he got 7 seconds one time. See? We cooperated and we had fun or considered each other rivals.

This is all besides the point, but we didn’t know any female gamers when we were growing up. It was like a club and we had camaraderie..and a peen. Now you press a few buttons and find anyone willing to play a game with you. And if you’re a female I really doubt it’s as simple as that judging from the nice articles I always see pop up at least once a week. The invectives and hate that just having a vagina seems to inspire is…astonishing. Not to mention the, ‘All men no girls and their cooties allowed!’ Gaming website I saw advertised a while back.

I also find it really weird that there are a number of gamers complaining that they ‘can’t get women’ yet they turn the idea if female gamers into a casus belli to attack them at every turn and threaten them or make demeaning comments. All the while calling other players ‘fags’. Yeah…that might not be the best way to make friends, show off how straight you are, or ‘get women’.

Is this really where gaming is at now? I hope I’m wrong, but when nearly half your market is females then…not being a dick is probably a good thing. I’m not even calling for more female oriented games. I’m just saying there should be some decency out there and not some 12 year old little shit out there ragging on women gamers because they’re women. Or treating them as sex objects because they happen to like your hobby as well—and it is a hobby. Nothing more. Nothing less. That’s all it ever was and anyone that says otherwise is a goddamn idiot. These corporations have done nothing to earn the staggering amount of loyalty that’s given to them.

I’d have loved to have female gaming friends when I was growing up. It would have made me feel less nervous around the ones I did have feelings for if I had been exposed to the opposite sex socially as opposed to making them out to be lions in my head that they are now. So yeah…bottom line: get your heads out of your asses, gaming community. Be proud that there’s such a diversity of people enjoying what you enjoy and know that just because they’re female that they’re not there for you to have sex with.

There’s no angle. There’s…nothing really. We’re all on this blue ball hurling through space, we might as well make things more enjoyable—not less, for each other. Also: so not an Anita Sarkeesian supporter. I find her stuff trite and not really helpful to the whole. And a good way to make a broken base. Yeah, I use tv tropes to identify some things. It helps.

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  1. Bobby permalink
    September 4, 2014 11:40 pm

    Wile I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here, I don’t think it’s really specific to gaming or “geek culture”. I think what you are describing can be applied to all people in general. Doesn’t matter what culture, some people are just… gits.

    • September 4, 2014 11:44 pm

      That’s definitely true. But the impetus for the post was geek culture and video gaming specifically. Mostly because at this moment in time geek culture is becoming more about the ‘oppressed’ (not really, but by ‘soceity’) becoming the oppressors when it should be more inclusive.

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