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Updatey The Update

September 23, 2014

I haven’t been posting lately, although I probably should, but I’ve been going through some issues with a close friend that’s really sent me down a a bit of a spiral. Trouble is I don’t even know why we were fighting and it wasn’t the worst fight we’ve ever had but her reactions to every thing has been completely disproportionate to the actual issue.

Then I had to worry about a physical and I’m still kind of worried about that as I need to have my blood drawn and I always see myself as the most unhealthiest person that’s ever unhealthed. So there’s that coupled with my super amazeballs computer that won’t restart, sure, it’ll make the motions like it is, but it never will. Needless to say this has all been bumming me the fuck out. And I still haven’t dyed my hair green like I’ve wanted.

But I do have my Spicebomb now which smells awesome and makes me a little happy. Yes, that sounds really girly getting excited over a cologne, but I have so few things to get excited about these days. I possibly ruined a friendship that meant more to me than a lot of things in my life because she meant a lot to me in more than just a friendly way. I feel like I’m relapsing in my anxiety a little as a result and I’m not sure how to fix that.

It feels like the end of The Empire Strikes Back where Luke, Leia, Threepio, and R2 are looking out of the medical frigate into the uncertain future. Well, that’s what my life has been a lot like these days. Just so much uncertainty and not knowing how to fix it. So, whoever reads this and enjoys my posts, I might not be updating as frequently as I’d like, but I will be posting stuff.

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