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October 30, 2014

Sorry for the title, it was the last thing that popped into my head which was the scene from Scrubs where Turk asked, ‘What is’ And The Todd replies, ‘It’s my new website–go there, you won’t regret it.’ Or some such. I’m tired and my memories are getting hazy.

Anyway, I write a lot about things I hate, issues in my life, people I long for, etc. Well, tonight’s entry’s going to be about the things I like—the things I stick around for when my day is shit:

I like nature and exploring its beauty and all of its wondrous splendor. That sounds cheesy, but I find it interesting that the ‘night’ we experience is actually just our planet’s shadow and seeing the way all life interacts with itself. From the douchéiest McDouchénozzle this side of the Jersey shore to the insects that fill us with dread. I have an image of a place I’m longing for: it’s an open field filled with grass and a mountain off in the distance with a cool spring breeze wrapping everything in its embrace. A reminder that nature is renewing itself and just a clear sky. I lay down and just watch the sparse clouds drift lazily by as the sun slowly sets.

I realize that sounds cheesy and way too fantastical for…anything, plus I’m allergic to grass, but that’s my idea of the perfect day. Just take a moment to be at peace, because at my core that’s what I long for. That and love. It could be why my favorite video games are Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim. You can just…pause life and watch it go by.

Learning. I love to do it. I like learning new facts and getting to the bottom of things. I have an innate curiosity that I don’t think I ever left back in my childhood. I just like knowing things. It’s why I can never truly give up on anyone—even people that let me down. I know too many relatives and friends who hate people and yeah…a chunk of them are horrible, but everyone’s got a story and everyone, regardless of…anything, is going through their own thing and I try to keep that in mind. There’s only been two people I can say I ‘hate’ and both were/are assholes.

Lastly: problem solving. I like puzzles. Not the cardboard ones, though, but if there’s a situation needing a solution I can try to help as best I can. Or add some needed levity. It’s what drew me originally to psychology and then to graphic design. Both involve a sort of abstract thinking that I like. It could also be why I much prefer algebra to simple math. Give me an ordinary math problem and I get bored with it. Give me algebra and I tend to light up.

Alrightu, this list is nowhere near complete, but I just didn’t have it in me to write anoth, ‘Oh, FIDo says something dark an philosophical,’ web log entry.

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