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Progressively Progressive Pt.1

November 25, 2014

Disclaimer: I’ve had this post written up in my head for the last few days and I’ve debated whether to actually write it–mostly as with anything political some people’s feelings will inevitably be hurt, some will not like you for your politics, and then other will assume that because you feel one way will mean you feel another way toward something else, which just isn’t true. So I’m going to write either two or three posts depending on how much I feel like sharing or going into. If you’re a liberal whose love of Hillary Clinton is without question then you may end up hating me; if you’re a conservative and/or Republican then you might really end up hating me for my views. But if you really look at what I’m writing I’m fair and mostly reasoned in my views. I never hate or disapprove of something without reason soo…on with with the show…

I started out my political views as really a political agnostic, I really didn’t care much for politics and saw no reason to even discuss it..this was when I was 17, mind you. Since then I’ve swung from being a kind of rightward shitbag (more on that later) to a really hardcore leftist to…a…pragmatic progressive. So you see, while I am mostly an Atheist these days, I didn’t have the struggle to find my identity there like I did with my politics. See, when you don’t know what your politics are you can get sucked into things very easily. Like so: I hated the UN and saw it as worthless. Not necessarily because I listened to Foxnews, but just from an objective sense I thought it was worthless because it has no real power to affect change. I still think that, but it does have its uses and could be better if they changed the votes to majority votes instead of one country having so much veto power that it obstructs the ideals it tries to live up to.

I was schooled and schooled badly. And so it went: I supported the invasion of Afghanistan, but by the time the Iraq vote came around I was deeply opposed to it; it just seemed wrong and they were pushing for it too hard and it my view: any time a politician wants something–especially a US politician, don’t trust their motives immediately. In fact, the moment I realized this invasion was bullshit was when the 24-hour networks had a goddamn countdown. Really. A countdown for war. I’ve never seen a bigger display of war theater. Honestly, I think if any other president saw that that they’d want to kill the network execs who thought that was a good idea.

So it went like this and the more I read and the more I learned the more I discovered myself: I was a liberal. Not a hard liberal, but I did believe in equality, good education, equal treatment, I’m pro-choice; I believe that sometimes the government is the answer, I think universal healthcare is a good thing but with the crooks we have now that implementing it would be bad. I also think the rich are too powerful, I think cis-gendered is a stupid fucking label, I think modern feminism has lost its way and that their only defense are ‘no true scotsman’ arguments; I believe religions should be taxed, I’m hate guns and think they make it too easy to be violent, but I also believe that you should be able to own a gun provided it’s locked at a gun club. Aaaaaaand I believe in efficient government. Whew…that was a mouthful. Did I lose any viewers yet?

I also think trickle down economics is a bullshit theory perpetuated by the wealthy to hoard their wealth and convince the little guy that, hey, you’ll get yours one day. *wink wink* But I have no problem if you believe the opposite of what I do. That’s what made this country great and now it’s what’s killing our country because everyone thinks of politics in terms of team sports, “Fuck yeah! My team won!” You’re just encouraging the further dissolution of our political process which has always been about compromise. And yes: I hate PeTA and I really don’t like most modern feminists, not because I necessarily disagree with their views, but because they take things to their extreme and make the issues which they care about so muddled that a coherent thought gets lost in the, “RAPE CULTURE!” and “ANIMAL RIGHTS NOW!” shouting. Again: when I paint broad strokes I’m not necessarily including everyone and everyone I know who feels this way. Yes, I know there are reasonable feminists and animal rights activists out there. In general, though, I find the politics-as-team-sport mentality extends to them and if you’re not with them you’re against them–which is a bullshit dichotomy setup by people who are afraid of ever being wrong in their life.

Me, I see my politics as a hodgepodge of ideas and contradictions, as are most things in life and I’m sure most everyone’s politics when put to any test will fail even the barest minimum of purity tests because anything political is not pure. It’s all an amalgam of ideas that people put together and then they shove you in a box to fit their worldview where some people are over here and then the Other people are over there…being…others. So, I try not to put people in the Other category and recognize them for what they are: people with varying and eclectic views.

Next up on FIDo’s Almighty Web Log: See me alienate more people by posting more of my political views.

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