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Day 2

December 4, 2014

Note: I challenged myself to write a 750 word story as a sort of exercise thanks to my friend’s insistence that I start writing again without a literary goal in mine. This is what I came up with and I’m going to use the quotation ability to make it stand out more from this text. Also keep in mind that my formatting is always double-spaced .

The snow poured outside which did little to dispel the glum mood within the room. James sat hunched over in his sofa and stared at his coffee table—on it was his wallet, a pistol, and his glass of whiskey. Picking up with his right hand he took one final gulp and thought about everything that was wrong with his life. His family hated him, his friends had abandoned him, and the love of his life quickly ran away into the arms of another man. Sitting alone in the living room of his house the blue tinge of early morning filled the room and cast long shadows over everything. Picking up the pistol he admired the heft and the way the weight seemed to shift with every movement. This is it, he thought silently to himself. He put the gun to his head and his fingers hesitated to pull the trigger.

Tears ran down his cheek as he thought about what he was going to do: Death, family and friends weep, and that’ll be that. His brown glassy eyes looked into the mirror that was nestled just above his television when the first rays of dawn shone through the window and lit up his face and he finally saw the horror of what he was putting himself through and how he looked as he held the gun. This wasn’t him, this was some monster that had infected his life. Just then he knew what he had to do; he stood up and put on his jeans, socks and shoes, his shirt, and his favorite black hoodie. Carefully placing the gun on his coffee table again his eyes scanned the living room and thought about all of the good memories and the bad memories; the fights and the immense love. He would miss it and knew that nobody would ever completely understand his decision to leave and they would probably assume that he had, in fact, committed suicide.
Walking out of the door in his semi-inebriated state he stepped out into the freshly laid snow and heard it crackle beneath his feet; it had not begin to lay on the roads yet and he set off to his destination which even he had no clue about. Only that it was freedom and a new life away from the horribleness that his current life had become. He had left his wallet on the coffee table as well as he strode down the street as the sun was trying to peak through the clouds. As he strode down his street a car came by, it was a newer model Ford Fiesta and was encrusted in salt from the drive. As it stopped beside him he peered down into the face of a woman who was perhaps in her early 40’s with blue eyes and auburn hair. She was pretty in her own way and bundled up to the hilt with a jacket and scarf and pants that retained heat which was a stark contrast to James’ current state of under dressed attire.
“Need a ride?” She asked sweetly.
a“…sure.” James hesitated with his reply.
Opening up her passenger door, James slid in easily and noticed that the heat was way too warm for his liking, but did not complain lest she decide to throw him out. As they rode along she finally asked, “Where are you headed?”

A small smile crept up on his face and he honestly had no clue where he was headed and why he was doing this except that he knew that his life here was over and that he wanted a new one—one where nobody knew who he was and where he could escape the negativity that his family and friends had caused and his job as a projectionist which had turned out to be not quite as enjoyable as James thought it would be in his early 20’s.
“I don’t know. Anywhere that’s not here.”

The woman smiled and understood: they were both escaping this frost-bitten hellhole and were thankful they finally figured it out in time. What James did not know is that the woman found her life as equally unfulfilling as he had. As they rode off onto the lonely stretch of highway with the snow still falling, but not laying on the road, they both saw the sun ahead and smiled. The warmth that it brought the souls of them both was immeasurable. They looked to each other briefly and said the one word on their minds, “Freedom,” they said in unison.

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